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Green Perennial offers QHSSE consulting services. We provide quality, health, safety, security, and environmental management system services according to intentional standards. We provide our clients with consulting services to achieve a safer, healthier, more secure, and more efficient workplace. We are a world-class solutions company, growing our business faithfully and sustainability.

How we can help you

We specialize in quality, health, safety, and environmental management systems. Our team can help you to earn certification to international standards (ISO) quickly and efficiently. We help companies earn legitimate, internationally recognized ISO certification. 

We provide engineering consulting services for global and national projects. We comply with international standards and all legal requirements.

We build quality management systems (QMS), environmental management systems (EMS), and occupational health and safety management systems (OH&S) for your organization according to the highest international standards.

We make you confident that your strategies are well researched and that you can compete in the global market.

We are on call and quickly respond to any work request. We guide you through contracts and tenders. We provide short term contracts for your projects requirements, including documentation and implementation of QHSE procedures for your projects to the highest standards.

Proper stewardship of the environment is increasingly considered a basic cost of doing business. A properly conducted environmental impact assessment (EIA) is an essential tool in reducing environmental liability and ensuring good project outcomes.

Our team provides professional consulting services by environmental science experts.

The required steps to earn a legitimate, internationally recognized ISO certification for your company include:

  • Gap analysis
  • Documentation
  • Implementation
  • Internal audit
  • Management review and corrective actions
  • The first stage and second stage audit by accredited certification bodies

Green Perennial supports your company through the first five steps. In order to be legitimately certified, the first and second stage audits must be conducted by an unrelated, impartial, and properly accredited audit organization. We can help you identify properly accredited audit organizations, avoid fraudulent ones, and lead your company through the audit process successfully. Our clients are small to large companies from different sectors including :

  • Oil and Gas
  • Government organizations
  • Construction companies
  • General trading and contracting companies
  • Technology, security, and communication companies
  • Pharmaceutical companies
  • NGO’s
  • Logistic and transportation companies
  • Manufacturing companies, and more

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