We offer you: 

Environmental consultancy services and capabilities as the below list: 

  • Preparation and evaluation of environmental  impact assessment report for the projects (EIA),
  • Preparation and evaluation of environmental and social impact assessment report for the projects (ESIA),
  • Environmental management plan for the projects,
  • Environmental baseline study (EBS),
  • Environmental management system manual,
  • Implementation of the environmental management system,
  • Environmental incidents and non-compliance investigation,
  • Identification and implementation of legal and other requirements,
  • Control of non-conformity,
  • Waste stream assessment,
  • The waste management plan,
  • Environmental monitoring and measuring plans and procedures,(sound, air, water, soil, remote sensing)
  • Emergency preparedness plans,
  • Environmental inspection,
  • Environmental life cycle assessment,
  • Carbon footprint reduction strategy,
  • Third-party surveillance for environmental projects,   
  • Land use planning, 
  • Watershed management, 
  •  Green belt projects (Mapping, Plant species selection, Designing, Irrigation, and maintenance),
  • Environmental  audit,
What is an environmental management system?

Environmental Management Systems (EMS)  to manage your organization’s environmental programs in a comprehensive, systematic, planned, and documented manner fully compliant with organizational, local, national, and international requirements.


The benefits of an effective environmental management system:

Reduce costs and improve profits by reducing raw materials, utility waste, and disposal. Environmental incidents always come with a reputational as well as a literal cost. EMS is a fundamental requirement for many tenders.

What is the meaning of environmental impact assessment?

Environment impact assessment (EIA) means a formalized procedure for examination, analysis, and assessment of planned activities with a view to ensuring environmentally sound and sustainable development.

What is the role of environmental impact assessment (EIA) in society?

  • An EIA provides a procedure for fully considering the possible adverse environmental impacts of policies, programs, activities, and projects before any decision to proceed; it precludes closed doors decision-making in the public and private sectors.
  • An EIA helps promote better developments, long-term economic growth, and sustainability while minimizing cost-shifting to future obligations. It is a foundation of responsible planning.


Our environment and social impact assessment process includes some major stages such as Screening, preliminary assessment, organization, scoring, identification, prediction, evaluation, mitigation, and documentation in the form of the environmental impact statement
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